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Before you make an appointment with one of our financial mentors, we ask that you please provide us with the following documents: 


Bank Statements

We will need to see 3 months of statements for any active bank accounts that you have

Income Statements

Wage slips, or benefit breakdown 

Details of all of your outgoing expenditure 

This includes rent/mortgage, all bills, school/education costs, car costs, dental and medical costs and family clothing costs.

Details of any debts 

This includes all outstanding or overdue bills and any other debts owing including credit cards.

If there are debts to cope withthere needs to be a surplus of income over expenditure each week to go toward debt repayment so that you can still provide for your family at the same time.

Once you have prepared all of the documents, please either email them through to us or drop them in to our office during our opening hours.


We will then prepare your file and schedule your first appointment with one of our Financial Mentors.



As well as face to face appointments during our standard opening hours at our

Wood Street offices, PBS also provides the following services:



PBS now offers contact free appointments for clients. These appointments are conducted via Zoom/phone/email (available by your request).



This service is available for our clients who work during our standard office hours,,or are unable to make it down to our premises due to disability.

These appointments take place either at our office, or at the client's home.


Out of hours/Home appointments are available between 8:30am and 7pm Tuesday and Wednesday.



Available from 8:30am to 12:30pm at our Wood Street offices.




We provide our clients with both short term and long term budgeting advice.


We offer financial literacy education in all aspects of budgeting, managing money, banking and cash-flow monitoring.


PBS also offers


* Client related advocacy

* Development of a balancing budget

* Creditor negotiation

* Banking advice

* Legal and Consumer rights options


Throughout each appointment,

the education we offer to all of our clients includes


* How to manage money

* How to understand and analyse a bank statement

* Banking education and how to run accounts successfully

* Smarter ways to stretch the dollar

* Communication with creditors and Government agencies

* Rights and responsibilities under all forms of contractual engagement

* Managing a balanced budget via a 52 week cashflow

* How to avoid the harm and consequences that arise from escalating financial problems

* Ongoing support and advocacy

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