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PBS is proud to provide Financial Education Life Skills programmes to businesses and community groups - within our local district, and throughout the greater Auckland region.

A workforce with high levels of literacy and numeracy skills will be better equipped to contribute to New Zealand's economy.

There are also many very important key social benefits for parents, families and communities.


Changes have occurred in workplaces where we are seeing a greater demand for higher levels of literacy, numeracy, digital literacy, communication skills, financial capability and critical thinking.


Strengthening these skills is vital to keep pace, and to support the ongoing transformation of workplaces into ones that are highly productive - and in which staff do more valuable work - for both their firms, and for themselves.

A higher skill set means better communication with customers, colleagues and more efficient handling of tasks.


PBS has developed an in-depth Financial Education Life Skills programme with modules and resources that are customised to suit your own group's needs.


This programme will be delivered in your work place by a team of fully trained and very knowledgeable PBS Community Educators. 


We have so far successfully provided these programmes to many organisations and businesses in and around the Auckland area..

These programmes are of great value for your team and slot nicely into staff training sessions.

Programme times are very flexible - these can be held either during the day, or in the evening to suit.



* Budgeting Tips: How to plan a budget.- Don’t fudge it!

 * Setting Financial Goals: How to set money goals

 * Money Tracking: How to track your money

 * Saving and paying off debt

 * Saving: How to save and set up a savings plan

 * Managing Debt: What to know before borrowing money

 * Car loans: Tips when borrowing for a car loan

 * Get out of debt fast: How to reduce debt


Our Community Educational Programmes are provided FREE of charge to all Community Groups - Auckland wide.

Our custom built, tailor-made Business Programmes do, however, incur a cost.


If you are interested in discussing our Educational Programmes, our pricing options and what PBS can offer your team, please give our head office a call on 09 299 6881

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